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I have no idea who Eli Lake is. My stint on jury duty had me get into it with a judge on that point. I don't think making long-term historical comparisons makes much sense. Obviously this girl's family failed her, but at some point you need to have some self-awareness, my parents did not agree between themselves what was moral and while I had a solid parents I developed my moral compass on my own. Jefferson, for example, tends to be anti-clergy and anti-Catholic, because they're in direct conflict with his idea of a personal relationship between an individual and 'the Creator'.

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She got me a glass of lemonade and sat on the couch next to me in those 70's very short cutoff jeans.

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I had to do that awkward walk and search thing, but eventually I saw the guy. Right wing means a "naturally favored class, elite". So I shower up, pop a breath mint, and smash out a lucky panda cigarette whilst flagging down a cab. I remember a case, I think in Georgia, where a woman ended up on the sex offender list for something like "contributing to the delinquency of a minor". She would always tell me how much he liked me and that him and I could have mixed-colored babies and they would be so pretty. Yep, leaving only the moral teachings and the constant references to a unitary creator of the universe. They're serving a life sentence for kidnapping and murder to boot.

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