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You can soothe him with some good music and a DAP diffuser to calm him down. Sometimes he licks for hours. After all, you thought this dog was into you. Unfortunately, his instability causes some dogs to snap at him. I am sooo glad my dog hasn't had any issues with this so far. My dog only licks things when we go out for a walk.

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Every dog has two small glands located on either side of its rectal opening.

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Does Your Dog Lick Things Obsessively?

Every bed he takes over is soaked! He does seem to be more agressive with his behavior when he is nervous or stressed for some reason. Your dog may also be suffering from additional conditions and infections you are not aware of and only a qualified veterinary professional will be able to correctly diagnose them. But when the licking habit comes to the point where you cannot stop or distract him from doing so, then that is where the abnormality comes. I got him about 3 years ago. Now, he's giving you the cold buttocks. Anonymous Aug 19, at 5:

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