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The series definitely ran the gamut of emotions. So, while this heinous moment may not have been the tearjerker that the other moments on this list were, it was still heartbreaking. Even still, the shot that killed Tara rang out through the entire series and remains its most heartbreaking moment. As much as we all love BtVS , there were, of course, plot points here and there that we disagreed with. Not much was made of it, as opposed to the way that the deaths of major characters were usually treated on the show.

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She'll Do the Work. This was no ruse.

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Sure, there were warning signs; it was troubling that Xander never seemed to want to let anyone know about their engagement. The slayer and the vampire with a soul had been together on and off for three seasons and they'd been through a lot. Spike had been a problem for the show since he became a series regular in season 4. For one thing, it felt like a bit of wasted potential, because Kendra was a cool character. She had acted as a beacon for so many young men and women who had grown up along with her. Giles and Jenny were able to conquer some pretty insurmountable odds.

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