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Mo- lasses may be obtained by tank truck in the Gulf States, the North Central States, Midwest, States along the eastern seaboard, and the west coast. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of these and other problems in the art, it is an object of the present invention to provide a novel high energy feed supplement composition which is in the form of a block for convenient handling, and which embodies molasses solids as a primary structural and nutritional constituent thereof, the molasses solids providing on the one hand a highly desirable high energy, low cost feed supplement material, and on the other hand providing a dense, non-porous, rigid, generally vitreous structural matrix without the high equipment and labor cost of pressure forming. In such prior art feed supplement blocks the maximum percentage of molasses which can be satisfactorily combined in the mixture is only about 3: These may be made of narrow boards spaced so as to permit the animals to lick up the molasses between the boards. This type of feed has about the same value as dried beet pulp and is consumed mostly by dairy cattle in Florida and neighboring States, as well as in parts of the Northeastern States. The biggest difficulties in connection with prior art liquid feed supplements have been in the handling and ultimate use thereof. Another and more general object of the invention is to provide a molasses feed block for animals of the character described which is simple and economical to produce, is particularly high in energy content, permitting more energy to be provided for a given amount of protein and minerals than can be provided in other feed supplement blocks, is palatable and readily consumed, yet easy to control in consumption, and which is easy to handle in storage and transportation and simple to put out for feeding, and which is relatively easy to keep sanitary.

Care should be taken to smooth the edges of the metal. Join Date Jul Posts 3,

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The average price for molasses in The price of molasses in drums or tank-car lots at New Orleans during barrels is higher than in any other the first 6 months of was What Equipment Is Needed on the Farm? Clinton, Iowa Garden City, Kans. There were kale chips , energy balls , zucchini sticks , caramelized cauliflower , and candied pumpkin seeds. Such a sheeting action can readily be accomplished by flowing the fluid composition over a ledge of any desired configuration in a vacuum chamber at a rate slow enough so that a relatively thin sheet is exposed to the vacuum rather than a thick stream. The vacuum step is applied to a sufficient extent so as to pull out that last increment of water remaining in the molasses portion after the heating step so that on final cooling to below the melting point of molasses solids the composition will harden to hard, brittle, glass-like consistency.


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