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Ben couldn't take the torture, so he got up pushed her back on his bed so that he was now on top of her. The two finally reached their climax and Ben fell backwards and Julie laid on top of him. He walked into his room, was Julie in another room. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She grabbed the side of Ben's boxers and pulled them down, now they were both naked on Ben's bed. The Sketch Book of Character.

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Would they really want to break the suspense with a line such as: When the guy refused to pull his sword, she fucking beat his ass with a wooden cane, stole his pocketwatch, and left his dumb ass in an alley.

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The two finally reached their climax and Ben fell backwards and Julie laid on top of him. La Maupin offered to take it outside, defeated all three men in three consecutive duels, then came back to the party while the trio of poseurs were still lying bleeding in the street like dogs. Julie had to admit, Ben looked pretty hot without his shirt on, all that fighting had really given his body quite a muscular build. Julie laid on her back and Ben positioned himself at her entrance above her. Ben brought his fingers and started to feel her entrance. For a freak it is a blessing to have friends, but an even bigger blessing to have love. Later that night, as he was walking home, he found La Maupin standing in the street, weapon drawn, challenging him to a duel for honor.

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