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Matthew McMahon , argues, " Epiphanius fourth century construed the sin of Onan as coitus interruptus. Themes in Fundamental Moral Theology. For one working week, we will each masturbate in the office during work hours We will keep notes to see if we are any more focused and brilliant We will try our hardest not get fired for inappropriate workplace behaviour. The second problem is even more intractable. Calvin's views permeated Geneva and influenced the way Huguenots thought about masturbation.

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Verses 16 and 17 say that a man who has an emission of semen should wash and be ceremonially unclean until evening.

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The site goes on to note, "Jesus condemns looking at women or girls in order to lust after them. An Integrated Christian Approach. Women were encouraged to practice massaging techniques upon themselves, but were also instructed to avoid thinking sexual thoughts if experiencing a feeling of pleasure. Pierre Humbert states, "During the Middle Ages, masturbation - so-called "softness" - was considered an unnatural sin, but for the vast majority of theologians, priests and confessors, the offense was much less serious than fornication, adultery or sodomy; and they generally preferred not to talk too much about it so as not to suggest its existence to those who did not know about it. That is, in a fashion similar to the argument based on Onan's sin, they argue that God did not design the human body and reproductive system to work in this manner, that God's general revelation in nature condemns the practice.

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