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Criticizing the Great Straw Ban on efficiency grounds is exactly like criticizing communion wafers on nutritional grounds. What about the little umbrellas that come in fancy cocktails? No he is saying that it leans which ever way is convenient at the time of consideration - a bendy-straw, if you will. Even this is not relevant. I think the article should have mentioned that.

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I'm reliably informed that paper manufacturing uses much more environmentally UNfriendly materials than does plastic.

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Stand back, bitch, and someone hold my beer Nobody would think plastic straws made sense if they had to pay the true cost. You seem to have The probably got fired because if they understood reality and dared to mention it when it went against the libtard rules they were branded a Trump supporter and you can't have any Trump supporter working at Starbucks. A different view on Sweden. Some people don't want to be forced to partake in some liberal sham just because idiots in Hollywood claim it is some wonderful thing,.

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