Ballet and virginity

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Also your first time could be more pleasurable than your second, third, or forth ect. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Got my period 2 weeks later. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? As many people said sports can break your hymen. You're a virgin until you have sexual intercourse.

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You need to have a long talk with your parents and a doctor. Where did you get the idea to even ask this question?

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Can you lose your virginity, due to a broken hymen, without having intercourse, and is sex painful?

Do Pap smears hurt?? I hope you just wanted to know this for the future because sex isn't something people, any age, should be thinking about unless married or truly in love. Well ballet CAN damage your hymen, causing your first time to be maybe less painful. Only doing things like horseback riding, bicycling and masterbation. The more a girl's virginity is honored, the more abuse goes on worldwide. Embarrassing questions about losing virginity?

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