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After finding Margot making a deal with Crowley , Ellie decides to make a deal to cure her mother of Parkinson's disease as she doesn't want her to suffer through that. They must begin by getting a righteous man to torture souls in Hell. He sold his soul to heal his wife's cancer. Wanting her forever-arguing family to be happy and believing that they would if they got rich, Margot makes a deal with Crowley when he is over for dinner posing as a traveling salesman for the family to find oil so they could become rich. They constantly complain about her not spending anytime with them. In spite of his insistence that deals are a terrible idea, Bobby ends up making one himself. It's not clear why Daniel Johnston himself was not interviewed in the making of the film when every major character in his life is, so instead of recent footage we mostly get low-production visual and audio quality which admittedly mirrors his musical style perfectly.

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Evan knows his demise is approaching, as he has been hearing the hellhounds bark.

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"Devil's Dick"

He eventually returns the souls, but not before the Leviathans escape. Unfortunately, Crowley kills Ajay, preventing him from picking up Sam and Bobby Singer so Sam ends up having to find another way out of Purgatory with Benny 's help. He is resurrected by Dean's deal in 2. As the end of the ten years approached, she began to see hellhounds. Death says he will return Sam's soul if Dean agrees to wear his ring and act as Death for 24 hours.

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